Common Sense Media Website

Understanding Internet safety and appropriate online behavior as well as having general media savvy is an important skill for your children in today’s world. Common sense media has designed and developed a curriculum guide for parents and teachers for this purpose.

Get access to the lesson plans free of charge through a simple registration on the website. Under the “Educators” tab, you can find the curriculum grouped by grades K-5 (ages 4-10), 6-8 (ages 11-13) and 9-12 (ages 14-17).

Each band has several sections with different themes, and each section has several units. Each unit has a lesson plan. These lesson plans come complete with detailed teaching plans, videos and even homework.

Dads can adapt the material according to their needs. Each lesson should not take more than an hour, but it is well worth the time. For example, in the lesson on “Follow the Digital Trail”, Dads can, through the stories of Mizzle the Mouse (small footprint) and Electra the Elephant (big footprint), impress upon their children the need to be discreet on the Internet.

This message delivered through role-playing and can be lots of fun. In fact, you can invite your neighbours’ kids to join in and double the fun!

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