Who can fix it? Yes we can!! – Building Furniture Together

RebeccaNgIdea by Rebecca Ng

My Idea is about building IKEA furniture together.

Dads and Kids will love this because kids just love to build things and they are always so full of imagination. You can see this from the wonderful and beautiful things they draw or build using lego and playdough. As such building a real piece of furniture can help them extend their imaginations into practical reality.

It’ll also be a great time for Dad to lead the family by example, in building things together. Dad can teach kids how to:

  • Use basic building tools safely
  • Read and follow instructions
  • Plan and position the various building parts
  • Most importantly, guide the TEAMWORK needed to complete the task

Rather than passively watching cartoons, the sense of achievement kids will feel when they are able to do something with their own hands is indescribable.

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