Kids Love Bumper Car Games and Rides

bumpercarsToolbox Idea by Lynn See

My Idea is about enjoying a fun day at indoor amusement places offering bumper car rides.

Establish the Bumper Car Game rules before beginning. Make the objective of the game to knock off your opponent’s car as many times as possible within the timeframe of the ride (which is usually about 6 mins).

Every time someone succeeds in knocking an opponent’s car off and shouts “BUMPER”, he/she gets awarded 10 points. The party with the most points at the end of the ride time, wins the game.

The loser has to agree to do what the winner wants.

If Dad loses, he has to set a good example by honoring the forfeit set by his kids. It could be something like an ice cream treat or 10 push ups and so on. Forfeit for kids could include helping out with housework or finishing their maths homework.

Note: To make each round more challenging for  older kids (8 years old & above), in addition to shouting the word “BUMPER”, Dad can also pose questions like: “If I add blue and yellow what colour do I get?” or “What is 15 x 3 =?”. Give kids bonus points for answering correctly within 5 secs.

Dads and Kids will love this because its so fun and addictive!!

Kids can learn simple navigation skills and strategies  for knocking off their opponent in the fastest time possible, while trying to avoid other bumper car riders to get to their Dad.

It’s just simply too much fun and addictive to stop at Round 1. You will find your kids pestering Dad for more!

Bumper Car Games and rides get Dads and kids connecting with such resulting joy and happiness; they will continue talking about it all the way home!

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