Secondhand Lions – Movies for Dads and Kids (Preteens and Teens)

Walter’s mom is a single mother who’s hoping to get her hands on his twin granduncles’ great fortune.

During his summer break, she sends him to live with them in the hope that they would grow to love him and share with him the secret location of their wealth.

Walter was initially horrified at their lifestyle (they did not own a television set!). And, his granduncles were equally appalled that their city boy grandnephew could not fish or hunt.

Though oddly matched, the relationship between Walter and his granduncles develop and grow. Walter inspires them to join the PTA, the Little League, and alter their lifestyles for the better; and the granduncles turn out to be unlikely mentors for the orphaned teen.

This coming-of-age movie is hilarious (the uncles were rumoured to have been involved in a bank heist and Al Capone), yet sombre in its painting of a picture of how a boy, badly in need of a father figure, finds two strong and stable male relatives to fill the void.

The video is available at the National Library.

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