Academic Learning Websites

There are so many good learning websites out there that it does not do justice to highlight just one. So we will give you a bumper crop of 3 here, for you to guide your children of different ages:


This is chock-full of games, videos, worksheets, etc. With a cheery design, it is targeted at young kids from pre-school to about 7 years old, providing a fun and visual way to build basic skills in math, science, language, social studies and more.

Kids Know It

This is another omnibus, cover-it-all website with lots of educational material including games, videos, music, worksheets, etc.  It caters to a larger age range, from pre-school to – in their own words – anyone “young at heart”, with topics about our world such as geography and astronomy. Have an adventure with your child as you navigate through the universe with the series of visuals under “Powers of Ten” to appreciate how big space is.

Khan Academy
This has an even wider scope than the previous 2 websites, offering instructional videos and practice exercises from basic math all the way to advanced calculus; as well as covering an impressive range of subjects such as computer science and macroeconomics. It has been known to inspire slow learners to pick up calculus at their own pace and schools have been supplementing their classroom lessons with Khan’s videos. Well, dads, check it out. It can even track your children’s progress, allowing you to do targeted interventions.

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