Rat-a-tat Cat! (Ages 6 and above)

Here’s a child-friendly card game that both Dad and kids will enjoy. What’s a better way to bond but to squeal and laugh together?

Rat-a-Tat Cat! That’s what your child will be yelling when she wins you at this game. Thanks to a well-designed game system, a six-year-old can beat her adult dad fair and square.

The game is easy enough for a child, yet strategic enough for Dads to not be bored. Consider this an introduction to strategic thinking for your children once they are around the kindergarten-going age.

The aim of the game is to have the lowest score. Each player receives four cards, placed face down on the table, and gets to peek at two of them. The player must then remember if his cards are of high or low value, and attempt to discard the high ones. Then, draw new ones from the center pile to replace the discarded cards.

To add to the fun, there are three Power Cards in the stack:

  • Peek: allows you to peek at any one of your face-down cards
  • Swap: allows you to force your opponent to swap his cards with yours
  • Draw Two: allows you to discard and draw two cards at one go

You’ll hear groans of frustration and squeals of delight whenever a Peek, Swap or Draw Two is made. Get this game for SGD$16.00 from http://boardgamelifestyle.com


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