Words and Chess with Friends – Mobile Apps for Dads and Kids

Have fun and create teachable moments with your child through mobile social games.

Challenge your child to Zynga’s with-friends series such as Words-with-friends and Chess-with-friends. These are all free apps that bring popular games like Scrabble and chess online.

Start a Words-with-friends game and invite your child.  The game will track the turns and prompt the players accordingly. Besides the standard rules of Scrabble, you can add some of your own. For example, you can set a rule like, only words that are “happy” are allowed. And if your child enters a word such as “steal”, you would want to ask  him or her why and perhaps have a discussion on it. If you set a rule with a word like “run”, you may then gain some new insights into how differently your child is thinking about things. The games can be used creatively to find teachable moments.

If you have a child who likes to draw, check out Draw Something, a popular social media game.

You and your child take turns to ‘pick n draw’ and guess a word. The app will randomly generate 3 words, with different levels of difficulty to choose from. The party that selects the word will illustrate it. Once the drawing has been completed, the app will alert the other party to guess the word based on the drawing and scrambled letters.

You do not need to be an artist to do this but have fun with it and make use of elements of things you both like. For example, if you and child like “Star Wars”, you can draw a storm trooper for “storm”.

Give it a try and have a laugh!


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