Kids’ Saving Scheme

SHANNON_SAVINGSToolbox Idea by Kathy Woon-Tan

My Idea is about  saving UP to buy stuff we love!!  Help kids learn and understand the value of money through everyday life!

My son Isaac once requested for permission to purchase a gift with his birthday Ang Bao from grandma. He wanted to buy something that he and his papa could share.

This inspired  the savings scheme below that my kids have been enjoying so far! The steps are as follows:
1.Encourage kids to save for what they want to buy.
2. Restrict the amount they can spend so they can get only one gift for themselves each time.
3. Encourage them to select a gift that they can use, for example to perform with, that can serve as a present for the family as well!!
4. Through your daily routines, introduce your children to supermarkets and shopping malls, highlighting pricing differences of items when they are on promotion. Teach them to be price sensitive even when they eat at hawker centers, food courts or fancy restaurants.

Your kids will begin to appreciate the value of money and learn how to spend more wisely. Guiding them through everyday life is quality time spent with them and is as important as learning from books.

Dads and Kids will love this because dads will get gifts from his kids, and the kids will end up with a gift paid for by themselves as well as an opportunity to share that gift with a person he loves. It’s a great way to teach children to appreciate their parents.

Happy Dad with Happy Kids makes for a Happy Mum!

Our family loves the experience and we enjoy every moment of our outings, searching for gifts or going about our weekly marketing! We recently got the kids involved in buying stuff for our new house and they are loving every weekend spent together searching for the best stuff!

Note to parents: Do not reject gifts from your young children. If you do, they will stop giving eventually, which is bad. It is good  that they want to share what they have with you so appreciate it while you can.

Editor’s Note: Watch Isaac performing with his gift here!

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