Mobile Apps for Dads – iRewardChart

Encourage good behavior and values in your children through iRewardChart.

iRewardChart can help dads keep track of their children’s good behavior and reward them appropriately. The chart can be synchronized for your children and wife so the progress and rewards are visible to all.

You can choose the tasks and rewards from the list or create your own. For example, if you feel that your child needs to learn to share more with his siblings, include that in the task list. Give him a star for the day if he demonstrates sibling sharing, or half a star if he does it but not satisfactorily enough. You can even assign a negative star if he behaves selfishly. The task list can include homework, helping mom and even being patient. Discuss with your wife what to include in the task list and what rewards to give.

The App allows your child to choose from a list of rewards based on the number of stars he has. You can design the rewards according to your child’s preferences. Perhaps with 20 stars, he can choose between getting $2 extra pocket money or an ice-cream; and for 100 stars, he gets a camping trip. Once the stars have been “paid out”, he has to start accumulating them again.

Give this award winning App a try and share your ideas with us on Dads for Life!


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