You’re All My Favourites – Books for Dads and Kids

favbearsYou’re All My Favourites written by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram, lets your children know that you love them, and there’s no need for sibling rivalry.

In this wonderfully worded picture book brought to you by those who did Guess How Much I Love You (another must read); Daddy and Mummy Bear tuck First Little Bear, Second Little Bear and Third Little Bear in to bed every night.

The little bears are dearly loved. But, each have their own doubts, and suspect that Daddy and Mummy love Brother or Sister more. But wise and loving Daddy Bear, tucks each little bear into bed and reassuringly repeats to each, one at a time, what Mummy Bear said at each birth: “When she saw you, she said, ‘That is the most perfect first little bear  (“the most perfect second baby bear,” etc.) that anyone has ever seen.’”

The book ends with three satisfied little bears fast asleep, secure in their parents’ embrace. Think bear hugs all over.

A warm and touching story for one and all.

Story Gems for Child: You are special in your own way.

Available at Singapore’s Public Libraries.

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