A Day@Work

day at workToolbox Idea by Colin Chan

My Idea is about taking the child to work in order for him to experience what goes on in the real working world.

I organised this activity for my son and designed it to take him through the entire day as realistically as possible, with introductions and greeting colleagues either Sir or Madam rather than Auntie and Uncle.

work1I included a quick org chart run down, a refill at the pantry, ploughing through some serious paperwork, followed by a quick lunch together at my usual hawker center.

After lunch we headed back to more paperwork and on to assisting on a server hard disk replacement.

Before he called it a day, I asked him to go see Finance by himself to pick up his “pay check”. I slipped the money into an envelope earlier so that an office colleague could recognize his participation with an “official” award!
work 3
Dads and Kids will love this because kids have no clue where dad goes to when he hears that “dad is off to work” and this activity gave my son the opportunity to learn about work and to experience what I do.

Kids who cannot wait to grow up and earn their own money will also be most delighted to be rewarded by that final monetary award from Finance at the end of the day.

Dads get to experience the joy and satisfaction of seeing their child going through their own work days. In addition, hopefully, the exposure will also give children some idea of what happens at work and help them think about the kind of careers they might wish to pursue for themselves in the future.

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