The Bear Under the Stairs – A Storybook to Help Kids Confront their Fears

BearStairsWilliam believes that he has seen a bear in the storage area under the stairs at home, and starts feeding the beast to prevent it from eating his whole family. The people around have no idea what’s going on in William’s mind until they detect the strange stench of rotting food. He is petrified when Mum tries to investigate.

Winner of the Smarties Young Judges’ Award in 1994, The Bear Under the Stairs, cleverly depicts fear by demonstrating how a misplaced thought can ‘stick’ in a child’s mind. Thereafter, it grows into something even more frightening. Eventually, William’s fears disappear, when he sees the ‘bear’ for what it is –a heavy coat on top of a large armchair.

Read this book with your child to help confront his fears, and drive them out with what is true. Encourage him to approach an adult he can trust, such as Daddy, Mummy, Grandpa or Grandma, to conquer those fears.

For children ages 3-7

Editor’s Note: Children’s imaginations can run wild and frighten them. However, adults can help by taking time to understand the matter, encouraging the child to face his/her fears, discover what is truth and to overcome them.

Available at Singapore’s Public Libraries. Call number: JP Eng COO


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