I Believe I am Beautiful – A Storybook on What Beauty is

beautifulLolli is a little girl who sells sunflowers in the market for golden coins. She starts the day feeling confident; but soon a series of characters convince her that she cannot be as beautiful as the people in Beauty Land unless she buys something from them.

Taken in by the many offerings, Lolli exchanges all her sunflowers for bunny shoes, magic beauty powder and other things that make her feet hurt and come to ruin in the rain.

Discouraged that she has lost her beauty, Lolli encounters Sunflowers who tell her, “Look, little Lolli, sunflowers are beautiful by being the way we are. Sunflowers do not change the shape of our petals to look like other flowers…you can be beautiful, just the way you are.”

Local author Neo Beng Choo has managed to write a piece that simply but very effectively communicates to little girls what beauty is and alerts them not to give in to peer pressure.

Illustrated by Neo Beng Poh, the Sunflowers with broad smiles tell little readers  that “.. You are not beautiful because of what others say….You are beautiful because you’re made special, and there’s no one else made to look exactly like you.”

Suitable for children ages 4-8.

Available at Singapore’s Public Libraries. Call number: J Sing English 428.6 NEO


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