The Empty Pot – A Storybook About Honesty and Courage

EmptyPotA little boy called Ping has a green thumb and a honest heart.

When the Emperor declares that he’ll be choosing an heir based on who can cultivate the most beautiful flower, Ping is delighted for he is known throughout the land for the best blooms.

As with all the other children in the kingdom, Ping goes to the Emperor to receive a seed, but to his dismay, it does not grow.

When the time came to present his flower, Ping has only an empty pot while all the other children have lovely flowers.

He is afraid of  the Emperor’s reprimand but Ping’s father affirms his efforts, “You did your best, and your best is good enough to present to the Emperor.”

Ping goes to the Emperor with nothing to show and to everyone’s surprise, the Emperor declares that there was no way that any of the other children could have made the flowers grow, for he had cooked the seeds.

Read this book with your child to encourage values of honesty and the emphasize the importance of doing his/her best.

Suitable for children ages 4-7.

Available at Singapore’s Public Libraries. Call number: JP English 398.2 DEM -[FOL]


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