Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park

forest adventureIf you want some outdoor excitement, why not try a little Forest Adventure? Situated at Bedok Reservoir Park, the 1.5 Hectare site offers trekking courses for both adults and kids.

Going as a group is definitely more enjoyable and fun. There is a nice sheltered spot with benches where you can have a picnic together.

Before the trek, kids are briefed on safety and rules pertaining to the course. They are taught how to use the safety harness and movement drills. After that, they are given a dry-run on a ground-level training obstacle to rehearse the drills.

Once the kids have demonstrated adequate proficiency in the drills, they will ascend  4m onto the course, under the watchful eyes of the instructor.

Dads for Life Toolbox contributor Gheetaman had this to say of his family’s Forest Adventure experience: I was very proud of my girl when she finally reached the start of the course. I felt proud that she climbed up so high alone. As she tackled each course, we followed and encouraged her along the way. At times, in our enthusiasm, we gave her instructions but we were conscious not to override her own decision to handle the situation.

Some of the obstacles were easy whereas some of them were challenging. Overall, my daughter really enjoyed the course. You can tell from the picture. She enjoyed it so much we decided to let her have another round. I could see she was more confident and even finished the course faster.

The kids course starts at $24 and additional rounds cost $16. Click here for more information.

Note the minimum height requirement of between 1.1m to 1.45m for participants.

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