Chinese New Year Crafts for Dads and Kids!

dragonIf you have some time on your hands this Chinese New Year, try out these activities with your kids. Better yet, get your visitors in on it too. The kids will have a blast and remember the New Year spent at your home.

Check out for easy to follow instructions on how to make decorative red Chinese Paper Lanterns, noisy Chinese Drums for the kids and the innovative paper cup “dragon” you see above. Give them to your young guests as souvenirs to take home.

snakeredtedSee also the fantastic paper snakes in Red Ted Art’s Blog. Preschoolers can give this a try.

Fig Jam and Lime Cordial has a reasonably easy paper lantern you can make with your extra ang pows and there’s a super duper cut out from Spoonful that you cannot miss. It’s a decorative piece that will spruce up your home at every festivity.

Finally for those hot afternoons, get everyone fanning away with these brilliant DIY fans from firstpalette.

Click on the links supplied above for instructions. Take some pictures of the fun you had making these and send them to us at Dads for Life. We would love to see what you did at Chinese New Year.

Kong Hee Fatt Choy everyone!!

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