Playing with Old Monopoly Sets and Creating New Memories

monopolyDaddies can tap on their own childhood memories and re-introduce some games they used to play, when they were young, to their children.

One example is the popular Parker Brothers’ Monopoly board game. Kids around the age of 5 to 10 years of age often find board games entertaining and fun.

Counting colourful Monopoly money can help strengthen a child’s subtraction, addition and multiplication skills. Make him the “banker” cum player, and he gets plenty of practice giving the correct change and collecting rental.

Explain simply, the rules and concepts of buying and mortgaging properties. You will be amazed how much the child will enjoy bidding for properties in an “auction” and learning the real street names of the city of London.

For a child who wins and “bankrupts” adult players, take the chance to explain that he has “monopolised” the game by owning all properties to the exclusion of others!

When he gets sent to “jail” or “bankrupted”, encourage him to show good sportsmanship and teach him how to be a “good loser”.

Playing good old board games is a fun and wholesome experience that enhances bonding between parents and their children. Play it as a family!


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