Super Hero Masks and Super Hero Dads

masksYoung boys are often smitten by Superheroes like Batman and Power Rangers.

Dads, if your sons ever plead for you to buy them expensive masks, you can do more than just succumb to off-the-shelf purchases (costing about $20 per piece). You can  help them create their own Do-It-Yourself mask!

Let each child draw out Batman’s face, colour it black; or else sprinkle golden dust on a self-drawn Power Ranger’s face.

Dads can help younger children cut out the faces, slit the eyes and mouth, thread elastic bands through holes punched on the side, staple and secure them with adhesive tape.

It is also easy to design and make cool “weapon” accessories. To make Batman’s classic boomerang weapons – Batarangs – children can draw bat-shaped designs on hard cardboard and hurl them with a wrist flick to wipe out enemies in make-believe Gotham City!

Power Rangers too, can fight with cool mini-swords made from rolled-up newspapers or magazines.

Kids can even complete the make-over by donning traditional diaper cloths or blankets over their backs to “fly” off with imaginary capes.

Dads can show their kids how easy, fun and meaningful to create their own masks! Be your kid’s Super Hero! You will find the experience a priceless one!


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