Relaxing as a Family at Woodlands Waterfront

wlands1The start of a new school year is always a busy period for parents and kids alike, as Dads (and Mums) adjust back to school-term schedules and attend to routine tasks of sending children to and from school or enrichment classes.

Dads who are feeling as busy as bees all over again would do well to allocate time and plan activities in the weekends for the whole family to engage in, recharge and rejuvenate.

Stay away from crowded malls!

Drive, instead, to Admiralty Road West, Woodlands Waterfront — part of a comprehensive network of parks and park connectors in northern Singapore for public enjoyment.

wlands2A coastal park with a 1.5 km long waterfront promenade that sits quietly along the tranquil stretch of the Johor Straits coastline, it has a refurbished jetty, picnic areas and an event plaza. Climb up the amenity building roof-top look-out vantage point with your kids to admire the breathtaking scenery or watch avid anglers fish from the jetty, before letting them go wild at the multi-generational playground.

On drizzly days, take cover in park shelters and allow the coolness from the rain and coastal breeze to nudge the whole family to cuddle up close, as you wait out passing showers!

How to get to Woodlands Waterfront


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