Rent a Flea Market Stall – For Dads and Entrepreneur Kids

For a nominal sum, you can rent a stall space at a flea market organized by the Residents’ Committee in your neighbourhood and create opportunities for your children to:
a)     Learn how to sift out baby or toddler toys which they have outgrown;
b)     Play a part in spring cleaning your home and creating more space;
c)     Learn some entrepreneurial skills in selecting, marketing and reselling their old toys;
d)     Earn some pocket money; and
e)     Simply have fun!

fleamkt2Put the kids in charge and let them have  the net proceeds from the sales. Make it a family venture with mom and grandparents included. With everyone working together you will have a good chance that after a day’s peddling, your venture will be able to sell quite a few items and earn for your children a decent “profit”.

Post sale, you can use the opportunity to encourage and guide your children to think about how to spend the money. Should they save it all up ? Or should they spend part of it to buy a new toy/ book/stationery, contribute towards a family holiday or use it in other meaningful ways?

Whatever it is, you will find that being flea market vendors for a day is a ball of fun and you will want to do it again.


Categories: Full Day, Low Budget, Nearby, Outdoors

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