A Bug’s Life

GillianSimIdea by Gillian Chan

My Idea is about creating an activity for the family to engage in learning about the life of bugs.

After my gals watched the Pixar movie “A Bug’s Life”, they got very interested in bugs. One day, we spotted a spider in our living room and my husband seized the opportunity to catch the spider and put it in a plastic container. The family started to research spiders and found out about the sort of food it eats. My gals were thrilled to have the chance to observe the spider spin its web. We all took turns to care for the spider each day and after we finished with our observations, the spider was released back into its natural habitat.

I realised that the kids learn faster this way as compared to just reading about it in a book. They also learned the importance of treasuring and respecting life.

Dads and Kids will love this because they enjoy spotting new insects and acquiring new knowledge together. This also has the effect of removing children’s fear of “creepy crawlies” and helping them embrace nature. Keeping a research log book for sketching and noting new observations will also mean more quality time together for dads and kids.

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