Family Wall Makeover – A Project for Dads and Kid

wallmakeoverIf the interior of your children’s rooms is starting to look dull and lifeless with the passing of time, it is perhaps time to add some colour and vibrancy to the walls.

A wall decal is a wonderful way to avoid the hassle of re-painting. Made with reusable adhesives, they are friendly to use and allow one to fix the slightest mistakes!

Let the children take ownership of selecting and deciding where to place the decals. As the installation can be slightly tricky, Handyman Dads and Meticulous Moms would do well to help out the kids a little.

In the fairytale castle decal for a girls’ room (see picture), Dad took care of the tall castle structure (requiring much standing, kneeling and reaching up high), whilst the girls applied the smaller pieces of the grass patches, clouds, trees, fairy, pumpkin carriage and other decorative stickers (in a lower area more suited to their heights).

When the job is done, the kids would surely swell with pride at their beautifully made-over wall, and remember the sweat, fun and hard work that made it all happen.

It is relatively inexpensive, interesting and a most worthwhile project for the family!


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