Digital Storytelling 2 – Writing Your Story

Dads and Kids, welcome to the world of Digital Storytelling. We’ve written a series of DigiStory posts to help you create your own special memory of making a digital story together. We’ll be releasing these over the next few days so look out for them as follows: Overview – Writing Your Story – Images and Story Boarding – Pulling it Together (Audacity / MovieMaker).

Read on to discover a simple frame that will help you jump in and start writing your digistory straight away!

Here’s how:
Get together with your kids and decide on:
(A) A Main Character. This is your story’s hero and could be anyone or anything from your family dog to an imaginary teapot.

Then think about:
(B) Something this Main Character wants
(C) An action that this Main Character takes to achieve what he wants
(D) A situation of conflict that your Main Character runs into
(E) A climax situation
(F) And a resolution

Follow these step to describe either a real life situation or use it as your imagination leads. Here’s an example of how it has been applied.

(A) The hero is a dog named Bama.
(B) Bama wants to bark and be guardian of the house.
(C) He takes action everyday to woof ferociously at the gate, snap at the wheels of passing vehicles and at the heels of passerbys during his walks.
(D) Unfortunately, Bama has a problem standing in the way of his aspirations. His size. He’s a puny pug.
(E) One night. He barks. The people in the house awake and the lights scare of some strangers.
(F) Bama becomes a hero in the household.

Do give it a try!

Here are more ideas and simple tools for how you draw out stories from your children:
School for Champions


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