Digital Storytelling 3 – Images and Story Boarding

Movie_IconOur DigiStory series continues with selecting images and story boarding.

Together with your kids, you would have already decided on the story you want to tell and written your script. Read Digital Storytelling 2 – Writing Your Story.

Now itʼs time to think of your story visually.

What images do you need?
Think about what still photos, video clips, illustrations, or any scanned material that might be appropriate for your story. Do you have these in your photo albums? Or do you need to take new ones? Most kids will want to draw their own pictures to express what they want to say. Itʼll be fun and make the video a very personal memory for the family.

A storyboard is like a map, a blue print of what your video is going to be like. It is your handy guide as you work on your video. It will help you plan what images to place where and what visual and audio effects to use. You can still put changes as you work, as needed.

Here’s How

  • Make a three-column table for Audio, Video, and Effects.
  • The Audio column will contain your voice-over text.
  • The Video column will contain your images that should match with what you have written as your voice-over text.
  • The Effects column will contain the video effects and transitions you want to use.

With this in hand, you are now ready to proceed to the next step of pulling it all together.

Images and Story Telling is part of a series of DigiStory posts created to help you create own special memory of making a digital story together with your kids. Click to read more: Overview – Writing Your Story – Images and Story Boarding – Pulling it Together (Audacity / MovieMaker).

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