Digital Storytelling 4 – Hear Your Voice, Make Your Video

digistoryCool, daddy, cool.

Your kids might say this to you as you team up to pull it all together.

Your audio narrative or voice-over differentiates a digital story from a slideshow. A digital story is a short video that has the storytellerʼs voice telling his story accompanied by images and music, if needed.

If you havenʼt done this before, itʼs your time to try something new. This is usually one of the most enjoyable tasks of making a digital story. There are simple, free software you can use to do your audio and video editing job. This could be challenging but fun and worth the effort.

Here are some short cuts to doing a simple voice-over:

1. Audacity is a free software you can use to record your voice, edit (delete unnecessary parts of your audio, control volume, etc), and mix it with music. Download Audacity here.

We’ve also simplified the instructions so you can have a quick start. Click here: Digital Storytelling – Using Audacity

2. MovieMaker (Windows) or iMovie (Mac) is a simple video editing software you can use to put help you bring the images you have selected and your audio recordings (voice-over and music) together. Download MovieMaker here.

Click here for help with the instructions:  Digital Storytelling – Using MovieMaker

Other useful links:
Digital Storytelling Asia – Resources, Whispers no more

FN: iMovie comes installed in Apple computers.

Hear Your Voice, Make Your Video is part of a series of DigiStory posts created to help you create own special memory of making a digital story together with your kids. Click to read more: Overview – Writing Your Story – Images and Story Boarding – Pulling it Together (Audacity / MovieMaker).


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