Digital Storytelling – Using Audacity

audacityAudacity is a free audio software you can use to record your voice, edit it and mix it with music. This is known as  the process of voice-over recording.

Begin here:

  • Download and open your free Audacity software.
  • Click the Record button to start recording.
  • Once done, click the Stop button.
  • The Play button will let you listen to your recording.
  • Click Select File > Save Project As…Edit (copy, delete, paste, etc) your file.
  • To add music, click Select Project > Import Audio… and select the music you want to add.
  • Adjust the volume of your voice-over and music. Try to ensure that the music selected does not compete with your voice.
  • Finally, export your Audacity file to a .wav file – the one you will use in MovieMaker to create your video.
  • Click File > Export As (filename).wav.

Extra Resources:
Audacity Manual
Free music –

Using Audacity is part of a series of DigiStory posts created to help you create own special memory of making a digital story together with your kids. Click to read more: Overview – Writing Your Story – Images and Story Boarding – Pulling it Together (Audacity / MovieMaker).


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