Digital Storytelling – Using Movie Maker


MovieMaker  is a software you can use to create and edit your own video. It’s also the final step to completing your  digital story.

Here’s How to Start

  1. Download and open Windows Movie Maker.
  2. Click Save Project as…
  3. Open Movie Tasks.
  4. Under Capture Video, click Import Pictures to download the images you need and click Import Audio or Music to download your audio (voice-over and music). They will show up in the Collection screen.
  5. Click and drag your files into the squares at the Storyboard (bottom of the page).
  6. Add video effects and transitions (under Edit Movie). Click and drag a transition into the space between two photos. To insert an effect, click and drag the effect to the photo.
  7. Click on Make Titles or Credits to add titles or text.
  8. Once done, click Finish Movie.

And there you have it!  You’ve just made your first digital story.


Remember to share it with us at Dads for Life yah? Please post it on our Facebook wall.

Extra Resources
Movie Maker Manual

Using MovieMaker is part of a series of DigiStory posts created to help you create own special memory of making a digital story together with your kids. Click to read more: Overview – Writing Your Story – Images and Story Boarding – Pulling it Together (Audacity / MovieMaker).


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