Port of Lost Wonder Sentosa

polw3There is a small world out there where “Ah Boys” and “Ah Man” can get happily lost in wonder.

No, it is not the movie world of Jack Neo’s box-office hit (Ah Boys to Men), but the world of lost maritime wonder, sited just off the mainland.

The Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) on Sentosa island boasts various newly upgraded facilities to attract families with young children. Parents enjoy greater peace of mind as their children run around the new and vibrantly-coloured Polysoft anti-slip play surface surrounding The Pirate Ship.

polw2There, fathers may assume the role of “Baddie Daddies” for a day, “spray-slaying” their children with water cannon jets and “fighting” themselves silly in wild, wet water play with their young ones. Siblings could combine efforts and team up to “defeat” villain pirate Dad who could “pretend” falling into shallow waters and “surrendering” to the youngsters’ conquest!

polw1Adults and children alike would be tempted to sit below the supersized pail that regularly tips an avalanche of water after warning bells go off. Kids can have plenty of fun “damming” up water flowing through spoon-shaped channels, before removing mini sluice gates to let torrents gush through. Daddies can use this opportunity to teach the kids a thing or two about the free form, energy and force of water.

The unceasing flow of cool water in the environs of the Pirate Ship is as endless as the delectable laughter from boys and girls, dads and mums on hot humid afternoons!

POLW is open 10am -6:30pm daily.
The Pirate Ship closes at 6:30pm.
Prices are as follows: $8 (weekday)/$15 (weekend) per child (adults enter free with child’s hug!); includes 50/100 Curio Coins respectively per child for “purchase” of activities.

Visit the POLW website for more information and directions in getting there.


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