Bubble Tub and Scavenger Fun at the Port of Lost Wonder

polw7The Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) has a variety of seasonal programme activities to engage its visitors. Simply check out the day’s offerings scribbled on the chalk board located outside the Just Wonder souvenir shop.

Young visitors at the POLW are given a mini gunny-sack bag of (50/weekday; 100/weekend) Curio Coins, with which they can “purchase” activities to participate in.

polw8Boys and girls will just love to wade freely inside a Bubble Party Tub (30 Curio Coins) to enjoy free-sculpting of foam balls on their hands, bodies and heads, or scoop up mini plastic balls “hidden” beneath the thick white layers of soft, gurgling foam. The top three winners stand to win mysterious prizes from the Wonder Crew!

polw9Dads watching by the peripherals of the tub are free to give tips or shout commands from the sidelines such as “Squat Lower! Go to your right! Move more to your left! Hang on tight to the balls, don’t let them slip! ….”

The 2013 season introduces a new Soccer Fun slot (20 Curio Coins) where Dads and kids, both boys and girls, can all gather at the artificial grass lawn patch on Curiosity Island at the scheduled time for a goal-scoring feat!

polw10The Scavenger Hunt (30 Curio Coins) is another fun activity suitable for the whole family. It promotes team work and requires co-operation from every member. Parents will have to lovingly and patiently guide younger children, motivate them to crack clues, follow leads and pursue the treasure quest in the spirit of fun and adventure!

POLW is open 10am -6:30pm daily.
Prices are as follows: $8 (weekday)/$15 (weekend) per child (adults enter free with child’s hug!); includes 50/100 Curio Coins respectively per child for “purchase” of activities.

Visit the POLW website for more information and directions in getting there.


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