Rest and Relax at the Port of Lost Wonder

polw5Cool down in the shade; relax on the lawn!

It is easy for children to get caught up in zealous water play, climbing up steps and swooshing down slides from the Pirate Ship at the Port of Lost Wonder.

When the sun rays get scorching hot in the afternoons, children can take short breaks and retreat under the newly installed sun shades at the sand play area, to enjoy quieter moments of creative sand craft. This is also an opportune time for parents to actively encourage their children to share sandcastle-building pails, hoes and rakes that they have brought along from home, with other children who may not be so equipped. This way, all can play, make new friends and have a good time together.

Dad and Mom can also relax a little, lie on comfortable, padded beach mattresses, strewn in an assortment of lime-green and ocean-blue, under the shade of willow trees at the artificial grass lawns at The Deck and The Hatch Patch (no extra charge).

polw4When hunger pangs hit, order a picnic basket, oven-baked thin-crust pizzas or other finger food from food outlet Port Belly.

Dad can self-indulge in soothing sips of cool draught beer, chat with Mom, whilst keeping a watchful eye on the children engrossed in sand play. All this against the tranquil backdrop of ships dotting the horizon of Singapore’s southern coast.

For families considering a special venue to hold a birthday party with a unique theme for children, the new white tent on Celebration Island is available for bookings for private functions and party packages (rates apply).

polw6POLW is open 10am -6:30pm daily.
Prices are as follows: $8 (weekday)/$15 (weekend) per child (adults enter free with child’s hug!); includes 50/100 Curio Coins respectively per child for “purchase” of activities.

Visit the POLW website for more information and directions in getting there.

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