Road Safety Fun for Dads and Kids!

ching limIdea by Chan Ching Lim

My Idea is about spending a day out at the Road Safety Community Park in the East Coast. The park is open to the public everyday so children of all ages can benefit. Inside the park, there are minature traffic lights, zebra crossings, lamp posts, road signs, bus stops and the like. One can also find a SHELL petrol station, a neighbourhood police centre and a VICOM inspection centre there.

Dads and Kids will love this because it is a fun and safe place to explore and ride the go-kart, bicycle or scooter. The highlight is the petrol station where kids can refuel their vehicles because they won’t get to hold a real petrol pump anywhere else for now. There is also a mini bicycle obstacle course to tackle. The park is dotted with fruit trees like mangosteen, jackfruit and many others, so besides familiarising themselves with road safety skills, kids can learn about nature and the environment. On one occasion, we even spotted a pair of kampung chickens there!

Editor’s Note: Here’s how to get there
The Road Safety Community Park
Address: E Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore 449889
Phone:6440 5254
Click for map: Opp Playground@ Big Splash


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