Super Cool DIY Paper Planes

paperplanesWe’ve pulled together a veritable treasure trove of paper plane models you can make with your kids. These have been created by engineers and designed to be aerodynamically efficient. Do check them out:

Fun Paper Aeroplanes

You will find 15 paper plane templates with fold and cut lines clearly drawn, ready for you to download, print and use. Categorised by degree of difficulty, from beginner to advance, this is one good site to start your flying adventures in the home. Remember to click on the links on principles of flight. These have been clearly and simply explained.

An altogether truly ideal way to connect, learn and have fun as a family.

Meet the Avenger. Touted by theGuardian as the ultimate paper plane, it was designed by 3 engineering students from Leeds University. There are no template downloads here but the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

howthingsflyHow Things Fly

This site is rather awesome. You have to click in to check it out for yourself. It doesn’t just have a selection of printable templates for you to choose from, it also allows you to customise your plane template!

Don’t forget to read the tabs provided, for an introduction to the elements of flight: Forces of Flight, Gravity and air, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Structure and materials, Flight dynamics and a whole lot more.

Learn and enjoy!


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