More Games for Dads and Kids on the Road

family_in_the_vanYoung kids need to reach their destination fast. But some journeys just take time. Here are some “Tell-Tale Games” to help with car ride. Enjoy!

Look for an interesting object whilst driving, shout it out to your kids and have them spot it. If you see an image of Pixar’s Toy Story Buzz Lightyear on a bus advertisement, say, “I spy with my little eye, Buzz Lightyear.” You can also have fun spotting different car makes and models.

Simon Says
The kids are to do anything that Simon says. If you need some peace and quiet, simply command, “Simon says, close your mouth!”

Complete the Story
Adults and kids take turns to spin an open-ended story. Each contributes a complete sentence to weave the story and improvise the tale spun earlier by another. Carry on until the group comes full circle or you choose to wrap things up.

Silly Riddles
Pose silly, amusing riddles to kids: What have four legs and no eyes? Whilst they are pre-occupied trying to think of answers, you have plenty of time to think of the next one!

Fashion Avenue
Engage in conversation with the children to talk about their ideal or dream wardrobe. Find out how they would mix and match clothes, discuss what colour goes with what, or what not to wear to important formal events!


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