Playing Board Games with Kids

boardgamessnowballIdea by Ngoh Poay Hoan

My Idea is about spending hours of fun together playing through the collection of board games we have collected over the years. Board games are excellent for family bonding, keeping kids entertained and teaching them a thing or two about life.

Every board game has a unique gaming experience. To teach my kids strategy, I use Ticket to Ride. It has a good balance of strategy and luck and is simple to learn and play. Strategy skills are developed when planning routes based on the cards and figuring out when to block others. For creativity and vocabulary, I use Taboo. If I need help in answering all the difficult questions about making choices in life, I use … The Game of Life.

Dads and Kids will love this because it is a lot of fun and leads to a lot of interesting discussions. A great form of entertainment for hours, it’s a way for the family to bond. Dad will love it because its cheap and practical. Why spend $200 on a single trip to Universal Studios when it costs just $50 for a board game that can used over many weekends. It can teach kids important life skills like teamwork and how to handle yourself when you’re in a “losing” position. The best part is – you can always change and evolve the gameplay as your children grow, through the years.


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