Roughing it out with Daddy Dearest

dads_for_life_cip (1)Idea by Janet Ong

My Idea is about choosing a distant but affordable country like Cambodia for a father son/daughter pair  “rough it out” trip. All without the trappings of modern comfort.

Schools and other organisations offer this option to families in the first week of either the June or December school holidays. The estimated cost for a father-child pair is around $600-$700. You can search for a home or an orphanage that needs help for yourself, or approach a Four-Square Orphanage or The Boys Brigade for assistance.

Here is a suggested trip itinerary:
Day 1: Lunch in a local hotel and take an afternoon rest.
Day 2: Buy local sundry items such as oil, rice, sugar and instant noodles for dad and child to personally distribute to Cambodian village homes.
Day 3: Visit a local school. Play games and teach the children a skill.
Day 4: Visit Angkor Wat.
Day 5: Home Sweet Home Benefits for:
Children – Learn compassion for the underprivileged. Visit and experience an actual Cambodian home. An opportunity to earn CIP hours.
Dads – Enjoy quality time with their children. Doing community service also allow dads to demonstrate empathy and a love for the poor for their kids.

Dads and Kids will love this because kids get to meet other kids their age, earn much desired CIP hours (about 24-30 hours), complete the required component in their NYAA booklet and enjoy undisturbed quality time with their dads. (Without overly protective mothers around, perhaps kids and dads can have more fun.) They will also get to see a different side of their dad and admire his masculine aspects.

Dads will love it too because they can show off their soccer coaching skills to the village kids, give back to the community and demonstrate humanity and kindness to the underprivileged.

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