Treasure Hunt with OpenCaching – Mobile Apps for Dads and Kids


Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices such as smart phones – perfect for tech-savvy dads who enjoy the outdoors. Together with your kids, trek to the specific set of GPS coordinates to find the hidden geocache (container). After finding it, get your kid to write about it in the cache logbook. If you take something from the geocache, you should leave something of equal or greater value. You can even create your own caches and upload their details for others to find.

There are several geocaching apps, e.g. OpenCaching. Register free and then filter the caches by type, difficulty, terrain, size and awesomeness. Go to “Find Cache”. You will see several caches.

An intriguing one that is suitable for beginners is “Ecclesiastes 3”. It is a traditional cache (i.e. not a multi, puzzle nor virtual); has a difficulty rating of 1.0 (in plain sight); terrain rating of 1.5 (suitable for small children as located along marked trails and hikes are less than 2 miles), size is 2.0 (size of pill bottle or 35mm film canister) and awesomeness is 3.0 (some thought was put into this to make the experience enjoyable). The coordinates are N 01° 24.863’ E 103° 48.560’. It even has this philosophical advice: “Don’t just dash for the cache, take a slow walk around this place which is peaceful and quiet…Enjoy a bit of walk around this place and reflect upon your life. What do you want to be? To everything there is a season…”


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