Meetup Groups – Mobile Apps for Dads and Kids

meetupThrough the free Meetup app, you can find many meetup groups in Singapore, catering to all types of interests – from ancient Chinese history to plant based nutrition to board games.

The hiking groups are quite popular: check out the Singapore Adventurers; Nature-Lovers, or Hiking, Trekking and Travelling Buddies. They regularly explore interesting spots such as the railway track, as well as organize cycling trips and other activities.

So busy dads, you need not plan the outings yourself or rack your brain for an interesting weekend activity with the kids. Simply register with Meetup for free, write a bit about yourself, pick the groups that you think you will enjoy, and just join in.

Once the founder(s) of the group gives you admission – a fast and seamless process – you will receive updates and details on the activities. It’s just a simple click to RSVP yourself and your kid.

You can have a sense of the mix and size of the group from the visible list of the attendees. However, the attendees’ guests’ identities will not be apparent, so your kid’s privacy is protected online.

With that, you and kid can enjoy each other’s company, the activity and other fellow meetup group mates – all at the same time.


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