Photostory and Mooklet – Story Telling Apps for Dads and Kids

photostory copy Be trigger happy and snap lots of photos with your mobile phone. String them together to create a story. Share it through email, facebook or use free apps Photostory and Mooklet.

Dads and kids can select the photos together, do some photo editing using the tools in the apps and then add text to drive the narrative. Make up a tale on, for example, “The adventures of our dog Rocky”, or “The secret life of our favourite chicken rice man”. Let your imaginations run wild and try creating funny dialogues and novel connections between the photos.

Dads and kids can even compete to see who can come up with a more interesting story line.

The Judge?

Well, just email the finished product to Mum for her verdict.

Mooklet compiles your selected photos into a virtual book form while Photostory has different one-page comic strip like frames for you to piece your story together. Both are user-friendly and well-designed, so you can get the hang of using the apps quite quickly.

Dads and kids can have a whale of a time making up interesting stories out of the many photos on their smart phones.


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