Create Your Own DIY Board Game!

boardgameBoard games can bring families together. Custom make your own board game and enjoy the play!

Number of players: 2 – 8
Age: 7 and up.

Materials: A Snakes and Ladders board, player tokens, a dice, question cards.

Preparation: This game is played along the lines of Trivial Pursuit, but personalised with home-made question cards. Cater to the interests of family members by creating question cards according to themes. Include answers, writing them upside down at the bottom of the question cards.

Ask questions about movies, music, books, computer games, or general knowledge. Question cards from various categories can be combined to form a mixed pile.

How to play:
1. Play as individuals or in teams. Lay a stack of question cards face down in a pile.
2. Players take turns to roll the dice and move their tokens on the board. If the token lands at the foot of a “ladder”, the player answers the question at the top of the deck (question is read out by an opposing player). If the player answers correctly, he may climb up the “ladder”; if not, he remains where he is.
3. Do the same if a token lands on the head of a “snake”. He remains where he is if he gets the answer right, but has to slide down the “snake” if he answers incorrectly. The first player or team to reach the finish line wins!

1. Get each person to fill out a questionnaire about himself. Use the questions and answers to create cards which will help family members know each other better. Example questions: What is your favourite colour? What family activities do you enjoy?
2. Segregate and colour-code question cards and spaces on the board so that a player has to answer questions about a family member according to the colour of the space on which a token lands.


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