Sengkang Sculpture Park

sk1There is a hidden treasure to be discovered by taking a short five-minute walk from Compass Point Shopping Centre. The treasure’s name is Sengkang Sculpture Park.

It is a unique park that stretches across two neighbourhoods; starting at Sengkang Way crossing Compassvale Road and weaving through Compassvale Crescent.

The marine-themed sculptures, like the large Rotating Fish Motif Panels, Waves and Whale reflect the history of Sengkang as a former  fishing village.

sk2Children can have heaps of fun in this mega playground!

With an airconditioned coffeeshop and supermarket right at the park’s doorstep, your family need not worry about meals. Just grab a refreshing drink after romping with your kids in the playground or munch on a snack as you and your family take a leisurely stroll through the sculpture park trail.

sk3Either way, this park promises to be a delightful adventure for both the young and the young at heart!

*For more information on getting there, go to this link – Sengkang Sculpture Park

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