Make the most of Muar

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The little town of Muar in Johor, Malaysia is not known for major attractions. What’s there, is a simple, humble township, with scatterings of old school coffee shops serving foods prepared the old way, parks with local flora and fauna, and unhurried folks. And that’s just the kind of place that grabs the attention of our children!

What’s more, it’s just a 3-hour drive from Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint. Must-try local favourites include:-

Before heading home, stop by Hong Wee Trading at Jalan Hashim, to stock up your freezer with mouth-watering otak-otak. Get your family into the shop with you and they’ll catch a glimpse of the delicacy being prepared.

If all that eating makes your passengers too hefty for your car, get everyone together for a walking tour of the town. Go for a ramble at the Tanjung Emas Park, or have some water fun at the Puteri Falls, Gunung Ledang.

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