Batu Pahat Wet Wet World

Batu Pahat Wet Wet World1When you have young children, any trip that involves a waterpark will make them happy. And to any child, a 44-acre waterpark with water slides, wave pool and lazy river will be  a veritable wonderland.

And that’s what the Wet Wet World at Batu Pahat has to offer. Race your children down the Lazy River in tyre float. Challenge the older ones to brave the gigantic BP Tower and Big Splash curly-wurly slides. Very young children may prefer to stay within the Kiddie Pool, and that will be enough of a thrill. It’ll be just like a giant bath tub that they can enjoy with you by their side.

There is a Scenic Lake within the theme park too, where Dads can try a hand at line fishing. Rumour has it that there are Toman, Jelawat, Rahu, Patin, Belida, Keli and Ketutu waiting to be caught! Fancy that for a biology and language lesson!

Batu Pahat is just 120km from Singapore along the North-South Expressway. Entrance fees are affordable – just RM12.00 for anyone above 135cm in height, and RM10.00 for those between 85cm – 135cm.

Official website:

For more photos, visit


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