Desaru Seafood and Fishing

Desaru fish fish1It’s been said that there are two things that unite people – sports, and food. If this is true, then the Desaru Fish Farm is serving up all the ingredients you need to bring your family together.

Firstly, the farm serves glorious meals, many of which are freshly caught from the very waters under your feet. These are quickly gutted and thrown onto the barbecue grill before your eyes.

Secondly, it offers you a chance to take part in the sport of fishing, family style.

Put a rod and line in the hands of your child, and you’ll find yourself cheering him on as his rod starts to bend. You may need to physically support him in landing the big one, and that’s an opportunity to come alongside him as partner and friend.

Don’t forget to snap a photo of your child holding a truly valuable trophy in hand – a prized catch. We’re pretty sure that he’ll never forget the moment he reeled it up and provided dinner for his mum and dad.

For those with older children, you may want to charter a boat to venture into the deeper parts of the sea where there are bigger fish. Ah Long from Desaru Karangmas Charter Boat Service will know where to take you.

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