Marina Barrage

barrage1Kids love the open spaces in the Marina Barrage! It is so hard to imagine that this place was almost 30 years in the making when Singapore’s then prime minister, Lee Kwan Yew, now minister mentor, mooted the idea of damming up the Marina Basin to create a large freshwater lake.

Here are some Marina Barrage features that kids will enjoy:

The Viewing Gallery at the Roof is an extremely large open grass patch, ideal for pinicking and kite flying. On some evenings, you will find astronomy groups with their large telescopes gazing at the stars. There’s always something going down there, day or night!

barrage2The Sustainable Singapore Gallery gives visitors a multimedia glimpse of Singapore’s efforts in environmental sustainability. Look for the scaled-model of the barrage that demonstrates how the dam operates, as well as other sub-galleries and exhibits.

The Marina Reservoir is the dam itself, which stretches across to the other end of the Bay. It is a very long but beautiful walk, with a panoramic view of the Central Business District, Singapore Flyer, as well as Marina Integrated Resort. A popular spot for couples taking wedding photos.

The Wading Pool will get your kids splashing. Surrounded by shallow water and fountains, it is the perfect day out for all kids. They will have no problems jumping in. Getting them out is the hard part.

Dads for Life Toolbox contributor Gheetaman tells us: It is almost impossible not to smile to see how they enjoy every bit of the visit each time.

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