Yishun Park Playground: Arboretum


The playground at Yishun Park comes equipped with slides, obstacle courses and mini slopes with footholds for children to tackle.


An adventure wonderland for children, it also has special features such as a Tic-Tac-Toe play board, showcasing the special flora and fauna found there. A “Leaf Code” puzzle, mounted on a big slab of stone, gives visitors a chance to decode a secret message.

yishun3Families will enjoy taking a stroll in the welcoming shade of this park.

But who says playgrounds are only for kids?

Parents, too, can have fun there when free from child-minding duties!

Dads can go on a date (sans children) with their wives and spend some private moments in each other’s company.

yishun5The playground is suitably named “Arboretum”, meaning, a collection of trees.

Yishun Park is home to Singapore’s first Dipterocarp Arboretum, a family of rainforest trees. It boasts of a number of different species of trees, such as the Tembusu. It is a leafy, quiet park with the occasional resident passing through its open spaces, enjoying a rejuvenating walk.

Located opposite Blk 445, Yishun Avenue 11, Yishun Park is also accessible from SAFRA Yishun (built within the park itself) or Buses 804 & 860. The nearest multi-story car park is at Blk 441.

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