Lego@John Erdos Art Gallery

lego2Dempsey Hill, renowned for its dining, bars and furniture, has yet another hidden treasure- the John Erdos Art Gallery, featuring amazing Lego artwork.

Make your way to Block 8 and nestled at the end of Dempsey Hill, you will discover the gallery that is no bigger than a HDB five room flat. It is staffed with friendly people and filled with gorgeous Lego art pieces.

lego1Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, as well as political leaders like Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Chairman Mao, have their tributes constructed in Lego. The painstakingly assembled artwork of both people and objects are sure to inspire!

If you plan to visit the John Erdos Art Gallery, do stay a little longer to watch Dempsey Hill come alive in the evening and treat your family to some great food and ambience in any one of the wonderful eateries found near the gallery.

Getting to Dempsey Hill

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