Doing the Kids Run

runIdea by Bernice Wong

My Idea is about doing a dad and kids run. It’s not just about the kids watching their dad run or dad watching his kids run. The whole gist of it is to have dad running together with his kids, side by side. It’s so much fun. Dad is really teaching his kids how to include joyful and healthy exercise from the early stages of their development. He will be giving them a great gift that will endure throughout their lives.

Dads and Kids will love this because running releases endorphins which trigger positive feelings in their bodies. During the run, dads and kids will be their own best cheerleaders. They will feel very proud of themselves and each other after completing the run. This kind of fun-oriented activity can be done either on the track or in the park, in the morning or the evening. The run helps both dads and kids to breathe better and sweat more. Breathing and sweating are great ways to detoxify the body. Their overall fitness will increase and they will get better sleep at night! In addition, the activity will creates many precious bonding moments to treasure.

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