Children Little Museum at Arab Street

childrenmuseum1Hidden somewhere in Arab Street is the Children Little Museum, offering visitors a precious glimpse into the past. This compact place houses an impressive collection of over 2000 items of memorabilia and rare, old-school toys.

From “tikam tikam” to handmade rubberband guns, there are surprises at every corner and on every shelf and wall of this two-storey museum. These long-lost games and toys have been delicately preserved, serving as eye-opening visual treats for today’s children, and a walk down memory lane for the older folks.

The museum’s curator, Mr Ang, is a chatty retired studio photographer who set up the museum with his partner just for the fun of it.

childrenmuseum2The museum sells quirky and retro-looking toys like tin spaceship carousels, displays quaint jukeboxes and old-style fridges. It also showcases familiar scene-sets of the 1960s, such as a drinks stand, an old school and a street barber stand.

Do-It-Yourself Toy Workshops are available for small groups (15-25 people). For $15-$20 per person, participants can opt for different packages to learn to create their own kampong toys like kites, “chapteh” and wooden guns.

Some people even have their wedding photographs taken at the museum, dressed in traditional Peranakan costumes!

Dads, whether you are an avid toy collector or just looking for a unique gift, this place is definitely worth checking out together with your family. The prices are affordable too!

Children Little Museum
42 Bussorah Street (in front of Sultan Mosque)
Singapore 199460
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10.00pm daily
Admission: $2

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