Chocolate Crunch Balls

chocoballsQuick and simple, no-cook recipes, like this dessert recipe, are easy to navigate and execute, mainly because they do not need any specific cooking techniques and are generally fail-safe. We suggest that dads can try this out with their kids aged three to six!

50g chocolate
25g cornflakes (broken into smaller pieces) or rice krispies
Optional: Assorted nuts (for example, almond, walnut and pecan)
Toppings: sugared balls, sugared hearts and coloured sugar flakes

Mixing bowl, Microwave oven, Refrigerator

1. Melt chocolate in a microwave oven for two to three minutes at medium heat.
2. Pour chocolate into a mixing bowl. Add cornflakes and nuts. Mix all ingredients well
3. Fill into mini cupcake cases. Add topping of choice or leave plain.
4. Leave to set in fridge.


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