Study Break Tips – “Move the Muscles”

kaishuangTeacher, Kaishuang, 37, a mother of triplets, believes in keeping kids active.

She notes that one of the first things to be eliminated from children’s schedules when they begin “mugging”* is exercise. To get children moving, she suggests playing badminton with balloons at home, in the void deck or in common areas around the neighbourhood.

“Dads can also slot in exercises such as skipping, brisk walking or jogging around the neighborhood”.

Get Moving:
TiuFeiKei(Hopscotch)_patternTry out Wall Tennis. Use a racket or just your hand to bounce a tennis ball against a wall. It can be played almost anywhere by two or more people.

Have a Hassle-free Happy Hop. Step out onto your corridor to play hopscotch or go downstairs with a piece of chalk and have tons of fun. Take it up a notch with Do-the-Math Hopscotch, which is found on Disney’s Family Fun List of Chalk and Pavement Games.

Make Life More than a Paper Chase. Take time to play these Tag and Chase Games. In Singapore, we call these types of games “Catching”, and the person who has to do the chasing is the one who is “Pasang” –the Malay word that locals use to indicate, “You’re ‘It’!” Dads who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s will be familiar with the rules and variants.


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